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Masterbatch dispersion is an important factor in quality guarantee for masterbatch manufacturersproduction

Masterbatch dispersion is the most important part of masterbatch quality. Xinyang New Materials Company can guarantee the full dispersion of masterbatch production with four steps.

1. The purchased pigment powder has sufficient fineness and requires more than 1000 mesh.

2. The mixing of pigment powder and carrier resin must be sufficient. We adopt two kneading methods of kneading machine and internal mixer to ensure good combination.

3. During the extrusion granulation process, add a finer stainless steel filter (between 150 mesh and 180 mesh) to ensure that the coarse particles in the pigment powder are completely filtered out.

4. After the masterbatch is manufactured, the masterbatch is used for the blown film processing process, which can best reflect the dispersion performance of the masterbatch. The company's laboratory carried out such an experiment, observed film (about 5μ) with masterbatch added, the obvious unmelted particles cannot be seen. Only the film with color uniformity can be considered qualified.

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