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Plastic multi-functional masterbatch may be repositioned
According to Ji Dehu, director of the China Plastics Association Multi-functional Masterbatch Special Committee, there are more than 1,300 multi-functional masterbatch manufacturers in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 15 million tons, including more than 600 filler masterbatch manufacturers. The annual production of modified masterbatch is about 6 million tons; more than 400 coloring masterbatch manufacturers, annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons, annual output of 1 million tons; various functional masterbatch manufacturers more than 300. However, due to historical reasons, the coloring masterbatch in the plastic masterbatch has been under the jurisdiction of the chemical dyeing industry in China's National Economic Industry Classification and customs export codes. It is a highly polluting and energy-intensive industry, and there has been no separate tax in the customs.Therefore, it is not supported by relevant national policies, which restricts the normal development of the industry. Ji Dehu said that to successfully solve the problem of repositioning and categorizing plastic multi-functional masterbatch in China's "National Economy Industry Classification" and customs export code, it is necessary to support the plastic multi-functional masterbatch industry and enterprises.

Tian Yan, deputy secretary-general of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association and director of the integrated business department, made a presentation on the project materials, application process, and precautions for the relocation of the plastic multi-functional masterbatch in the National Economic Industry Classification and customs export codes. Detailed guidance, and one by one to understand the current problems and future directions of the company, providing professional solutions for some enterprises.

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