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Choose a universal color masterbatch, or a special color masterbatch?
About the coloring effect, since the degree of color dyeing is different for different plastics in the coloring process, with the same amount of addition in different resins, the coloring effect will be different, sometimes the difference is still very large. In addition, due to the small amount of addition, the dispersibility is relatively poor, and the surface of plastic products is prone to patterns, color spots, color points, and even cracks caused by different plastic varieties, especially for large-area thin and complicated shapes. At this time more attention should be paid to the use of special color masterbatch. In addition, although the general-purpose masterbatch has wide versatility, the incompatibility of the carrier resin with the colored resin can be neglected, it does not mean that it is safe and sound, and problem occurs for a slight inadvertent. From the above analysis, we believe that the special masterbatch is superior to the general masterbatch in terms of coloring effect and product performance. It is recommended that when the user determines the type of resin he wants to color, the preferred masterbatch variety is a special color masterbatch.

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