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How to choose injection molding masterbatch?
How to choose injection molding masterbatch?
Injection molding masterbatch is widely used in the plastics industry and is mainly used as a coloring substance. Here's how to choose the injection molding masterbatch.
Injection masterbatch is a special type of product in which the pigment is pre-dispersed in a vehicle that is compatible with the processed plastic. For plastics manufacturers, the use of color masterbatch has the following advantages:
1. The pigment is well dispersed;
2. Reducing the amount of coloring work;
3. Accurate color;
4. The operation is almost no dust;
5. Reduce equipment cleaning costs.
Although the use of injection molding masterbatch is costly, it saves time and energy. In addition, plastic processing manufacturers can also obtain reliable coloring guarantee, and in most cases, due to the increase in coloring strength, the coloring cost can be reduced, and it does not change the properties of the polymer and does not cause color shifting.
Through the above description, the simple explanation of the injection molding masterbatch has increased our understanding of the injection masterbatch.

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