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How should a plastics processing factory owner choose white masterbatch?

It is suitable to describe the white masterbatch with "small body, big energy". Although the white masterbatch is small, there are many factors that need to be paid attention to when purchasing a good product. The quality of white masterbatch in China is in big difference, and friends who don't know much about it are more difficult to choose when choosing such products. Here are 9 tips for choosing a white masterbatch. I hope to help you:

1. Whiteness is high

The whiteness of the white masterbatch is mainly represented by the titanium dioxide in the color masterbatch, and there are many factors affecting the whiteness of the titanium dioxide, including the size, shape and particle size distribution of the titanium dioxide particles, the type and content of the impurities, and the lattice defects of the titanium dioxide particles. In general, the whiteness of titanium white powder with the chlorination method is better than the sulfuric acid method because the purity of the raw material titanium dioxide is high and the impurities are small during the preparation process.

In the real white masterbatch market, many white masterbatch producers add equal ash content of calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and zinc sulfide instead of titanium dioxide. In fact, the whiteness of these inorganic powders is incomparable with titanium dioxide. .
2. Better hiding power

The hiding power is also an important indicator for the user to request the white masterbatch. The good hiding power means that the pigment has strong tinting strength, and the desired effect can be obtained with a small addition amount. The hiding power of the white masterbatch depends on the choice and processing of the titanium dioxide. The rutile titanium dioxide has a smaller and tighter unit lattice and a larger refractive index than the anatase titanium dioxide, so the hiding power and the anti-ultraviolet light performance is significantly better than the anatase.

For the same type of rutile titanium dioxide white masterbatch, the titanium dioxide has small particle size and narrow particle size distribution. The hiding power of titanium dioxide with good dispersion in the masterbatch is significantly better than the titanium dioxide with wide particle size distribution and poor dispersion. Similarly, the hiding power of common calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, and zinc sulfide is also incomparable with titanium dioxide.

3. Dispersibility is better

Dispersibility has an important influence on the application of titanium dioxide in plastics. Generally, the finer the titanium dioxide particles, the better the dispersion, the higher the color strength, and the white masterbatch has excellent dispersibility. When the film needs fine printing, the pattern of the masterbatch is clear, the layering is brighter and the vividness is better. This is because the microscopic smoothness of the base film is one of the determinants of the quality of the printed pattern.

4. Low moisture content

The moisture content in the white masterbatch also plays an important role in the performance of the masterbatch. Generally, the moisture content should be controlled below 1500ppm, and the strict requirement should be below 600ppm. In the injection molding process, the raw materials are generally dried before production. In the film production, the customer buys it directly after premixing with the carrier. If the moisture content of the masterbatch is high, it will directly lead to membrane rupture, and some small bubbles will form on the film, "crystal point" defects, and the reason for the high moisture content of the white masterbatch is caused by the factors from raw materials selecting to the masterbatch processing.

5. The smell is small

Some films produced by some film manufacturer smell strange after using the white masterbatch, which is absolutely not allowed in the milk film and the film in contact with food. This is mainly because the titanium dioxide in the masterbatch doesn’t select suitable coating aids and the addition amount is too large, or the dispersant selected in the production process of the master batch is problematic, and the white masterbatch grade should be replaced.

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