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Advantages of coloring with masterbatch
The usual coloring methods for thermoplastics are: mixes the natural resin with the colorant to form a colored plastic, and is used in a molding process.
Dry powder coloring is used to make plastic products by uniformly mixing the powdery coloring agent with the natural color resin.

Masterbatch coloring is the most commonly used plastic coloring method today. The colorant dispersed in the carrier is simply mixed with the original color masterbatch resin to produce a plastic article.

Significant advantages of color masterbatch coloring:

Easy to use, no pollution to the molding environment.

Uniform coloring, stability, and improve the quality of plastic parts.

Easy to measure, it can be applied to a highly automated molding production system.Coloring, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent, etc. can be combined into one side to make a multifunctional masterbatch for convenient use.

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